Our Christmas Village Over the Years

One of the reasons we start unpacking our Christmas containers so early is because of our Christmas village.  There are numerous houses, figurines, and accessories, so we need the entire month of November to unpack it, set up, and have it ready for our Annual Christmas Village Lighting.I started the village when I was single in 2004.  After Tim and I started dating, he shared in my village hobby, but gave it more creativity and fun!  It’s an activity we look forward to doing together each year.  And it grows each year, too!!

Here’s a photo of our village the year we got married.



How our love of Christmas started…


The day after Halloween, literally the day after, I am taking down the Halloween decorations, packing them in their appropriate plastic tubs, and pulling out my Christmas tubs.  (See how I organize my holiday containers here.)

I just love the Christmas season and all the meanings it encompasses!   For me, it’s the celebration of Jesus, and being with family and friends.  But, quite honestly, it’s the being with family part that I really look forward to.

My husband and I have different reasons for loving the Christmas season, but here is mine:  my grandmother.  She’s my mother’s mom, so thankfully I have a lot of her characteristics with one being the love of Christmas!

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