How our love of Christmas started…


The day after Halloween, literally the day after, I am taking down the Halloween decorations, packing them in their appropriate plastic tubs, and pulling out my Christmas tubs.  (See how I organize my holiday containers here.)

I just love the Christmas season and all the meanings it encompasses!   For me, it’s the celebration of Jesus, and being with family and friends.  But, quite honestly, it’s the being with family part that I really look forward to.

My husband and I have different reasons for loving the Christmas season, but here is mine:  my grandmother.  She’s my mother’s mom, so thankfully I have a lot of her characteristics with one being the love of Christmas!

Thanks, Grandmomma!  

When I was talking to my mom and dad this past Spring about my dad’s upbringing, one of the things he mentioned was how poor his family was.  He said they didn’t celebrate Christmas because they couldn’t afford it; however, it all changed when he spent the holidays with my grandmother.
“Your grandmother is what makes Christmas.
I never cared for Christmas until I was a part of her Christmas.
It just wouldn’t be the same without her.”

– my dad when asked about Christmas

My mom agrees with him.  She said Grandmomma always made sure there was truly a Merry Christmas.

This is what instantly comes to mind when I think of Christmas when I was younger:

warmth, happiness

my mom, dad, grandmother, sisters, and uncles gathered on Christmas morning
staying awake on Christmas Eve straining to hear Santa 

my sisters and I snuggled in one bed talking excitedly about what gifts Santa would leave us the next morning

seeing my mom and dad in their house coats every Christmas morning

watching my grandmother open her presents

smelling the Christmas breakfast and dinner cooking in the kitchen while we opened gifts

hearing the door bell ring time and time again as more family came to visit

taking naps in the afternoon in between breakfast and waiting for dinner

It was so magical.  No matter where I have been in the world, what I have been doing, or who I am with each Christmas, these memories are always playing in the back of my mind each December.I wanted to pass this down to my children, and we most certainly do every year.  Each December is filled with 25 days of Christmas, Christmas songs, goodies, and more!  We live each Christmas as though it is our last Christmas, and make it as memorable as we can.

Please follow along with us as we share our pass traditions, new traditions, festivities, Christmas goodies, activities, crafts, and more in my new series,  Christmas with the Clevingers!


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