Our Christmas Village Over the Years

One of the reasons we start unpacking our Christmas containers so early is because of our Christmas village.  There are numerous houses, figurines, and accessories, so we need the entire month of November to unpack it, set up, and have it ready for our Annual Christmas Village Lighting.I started the village when I was single in 2004.  After Tim and I started dating, he shared in my village hobby, but gave it more creativity and fun!  It’s an activity we look forward to doing together each year.  And it grows each year, too!!

Here’s a photo of our village the year we got married.


It fit on one table and was about six feet long and two feet wide.  It was small and comprised of six buildings, skating rink, a few trees, one gazebo, and about a dozen people or so.Every year after Christmas, we shop the stores in our area for their post-season clearance items.  We really get a lot of items during that time!

The next year our village grew to be two tables and was then six feet by four feet.


During the winter of 2007 – 2008, our family lived with my mom in South Carolina.  There wasn’t any room to set up our village with so many people living in the house, so unfortunately we had to leave our Christmas decorations in storage.We were not sad about though!!  All my family was together for the holidays in my mom’s house, so we had a great time celebrating the Christmas season!!

The next year we were in Virginia and our Christmas village was the same size due to us not shopping the year prior for houses, etc.



We bought a few pieces to add the next year, but we did not assemble the village in 2009.  Our second son was born a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving, so I was pretty tired most of that winter.  He was pretty adorable though!

My husband’s favorite village layout so far has been the one we did in 2011 when we lived in South Carolina.  That was also the new tradition of having a get together with friends and family for our annual “Lighting of the Christmas Village”.It was also an exciting year for us because we found:

  • moon
  • skate rental stands
  • hot cocoa stand
  • tree stand that said “Tim’s Christmas Tree Farm” (my hubby’s name is Tim)
  • gazebo
  • toy store
  • the car from our favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Story.

Can you spot the Christmas Story car?


We also added a boats and bait shop which sparked the nature part of our village (located in the top right part of the above photo).

After seeing the love of our village and how much my family enjoys it, my mom has taken part in our hobby.  In 2012 she bought us new buildings and some figurines the kids really wanted.That year she added:

  • Nutcracker Performing Arts Studio
  • a dance hall
  • a few figurines

Last year was my favorite village layout and was the most fun because we had our Virginia friends to celebrate in the Second Annual Christmas Village Lighting.  And due to the excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the village.  Sad, sad, sad moment when I discovered that I had no photos to share.  This was all I could find:



Isn’t it so exciting to see it grow?  Let’s do a side by side of the two years (I had to use the 2011 photo).

2005 on the left and on the right 2011

Want to see this year’s progress?  Follow me as we piece together this year’s village here in this post and then see our Third Annual Christmas Village Lighting!!

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