Services I Offer

When I initially wanted to start a blog, I also wanted to physically help people in their homes.  A lot of times reading about how to do something and actually doing it are two completely different actions.  And when adding children, chores, and other factors in to the mix, it can be quite overwhelming to change what you are doing.

It is by our very nature as humans to oppose and resist change, but I strongly believe that if the current methods aren’t working, things have to change.  Let me help you!

Here are the services I offer:

I offer home organizing in order to help you de-clutter and optimize your living space.  If your house is organized, there is a great possibility you will feel organized and perform your best.So if there is a room in your home you would like to have organized, let me help you!Price: $30/hour

A meeting between the client and me as well as an assessment of the area being organized are required before a commitment of either party.  The introduction meeting and initial consultation are offered as a free service! 

Virtual assistant

I can help you with:

  • starting a basic website
  • writing a blog post
  •  writing documents
  •  layout/designing of a pamphlet, brochure, business card, or booklet
  • maintaining a Facebook or Twitter account
  • or other simple online tasks

Price: $50/hour

A meeting via phone or Skype is required in order for introductions to be made, and to ensure clarity of the task being performed before a commitment is made by either party.  The introduction meeting and initial consultation are offered as a free service!

Setting a schedule for you and/or your family

One of the topics I emphasize is having a schedule (as seen in my The Importance of a Schedule post).  I can help you set a schedule.  Notice I say, “help”, and not set it for you.  It’s your life and you know when, where, and how you want to do things.  I’m simply there to guide you, give you pointers, and help you see the larger picture.

Setting a schedule will be done as a one-on-one meeting via face to face at a local coffee shop, or through Skype depending on how far away you live.

Price:  $20/hour

A meeting between the client and me are required before a commitment of either party.  A review of expectations of both parties will also be addressed to ensure the meeting of expectations before commitment as well.  The introduction meeting and initial consultation are offered as a free service!

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