What makes my blog different?

This is a question I’ve asked myself a lot over the last year of making this decision.  Along with a lot of other questions such as:  What makes my blog so different?  What can I offer to other moms that’s not already out there?  What can I show other moms in a way that will stick and be remembered? The list goes on.Then I figured out what I can offer to others:
I know how to balance all of these crazy demands placed on me,
and how to balance all of it without losing my sanity.

Here are some of the ‘things’ I have on one side of the balance:

I know my friends and family are going to name several items I have forgotten, but you get my point.Here is what is on the other side:
Yep.  Just one item, but it’s a BIG one!  Either way, it doesn’t seem to be too balanced, huh?  How do I keep the two balanced when, clearly, one side outweighs the other?

I balance it all by being realistic, frugal, practical, organized,

scheduled, and using all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts I can find!!

Okay, so I’m not a saint or super mom (though I like to think that I am), in fact, I’m as imperfect as they come, but I am pretty awesome at balancing my obligations and not losing my sanity in the process.  Because, like the old saying goes, if mommy isn’t happy, NOBODY is happy!  Am I right so far?Next question:
What sparked this change?
I was getting tired of:

  • being tired
  • having a chaotic household
  • eating out almost daily (which resulted in weight gain)
  • having no structure
  • inconsistent disciplinary actions
  • afraid to go out because of others judging me
  •  having no energy to take care of myself!

How can I take care of my four amazing children and loving husband if I failed to take care of myself?


Don’t get me wrong, this change neither came to me overnight nor written down in a manual to follow.  It came from a lot of sleepless nights, breakdowns, mistakes, fighting, cranky kids, mental exhaustion, etc.  You name a mishap, and it happened to me.  I spent a lot time thinking about what I did wrong rather than thinking about what I could to change it.  If it wasn’t working for our family this long, why did I keep doing it?
I did the first thing I typically do when I approach a subject I know nothing about – research!  I have found some tips and tricks through the use of various bloggers, Pinterest, Google searches, CafeMom threads, and good old fashioned talking to other moms (starting with my mom).

my daughter, Madison, and me
Some ideas worked, and some failed – miserably at times.  I kept going and found a system that works for my family and me.  It’s continually being tweaked and perfected, but the main frame is there.  All of our family members are much happier – especially mommy!That is why I decided to start this blog.  I realized I am not the only imperfect and I-have-no-idea-how-to-do-this mom out there.  There are others out there, though they may not be willing to admit yet, that need the direction and guidance that I so desperately needed.  I am here to help you!  Let me stress it again –
Through my various posts and throughout my website, I will tell you tips, tricks, and shortcuts that worked for me (and the ones that did not work for me, but may work for you).  I will also help you get organized, and focused without being tense or tired!Some posts I will share:

  • homemade items that save lots of $$ (and are super easy to do)
  • recipes that are frugal and easy (some homemade and some semi-homemade)
  •  shortcuts to take (and not take)
  • organizing tricks and tips
  • schedule/routine ideas
  • and MORE!

Thanks for visiting Being the Imperfect Mom!  I look forward to sharing many more posts with you!


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