How I Earn Extra Income Part 1

how I earn extra income part 1

I always emphasize the importance of stretching every dollar and making it really count.  Well, how can we make some extra income rather it be in the form of money or other benefits?

Here are some ways I earn bonus items for my family

I do not get commission or any type of compensation for posting about these products or when you click on the links.
Except for Swagbucks.  I do receive a small amount of swagbucks each time swagbucks are earned when using their search bar.



This is my biggest “money” maker for the family.  All I do is search using their search engine and I’m periodically awarded ‘swagbucks’ which I can save up and cash in for various rewards. 

Swagbucks can also be awarded by watching videos, shopping online, referring friends, playing games, answering surveys, or other offers.  Rewards include gift cards, merchandise, and much more!  I usually get gift cards so I can use them to buy gifts.


This is a great reward program for Starbucks drinkers!  Find out more about this program in my post ‘Secrets to the Starbucks Rewards Program’.



This is an app on your smartphone.  Use it to check in on certain channels for certain shows and get one point for each minute you watch.  Only check in to one show at a time for full credit!
Rewards include merchandise, gift cards, and more!  I always use this to get a gift card to Papa John’s Pizza.

Inbox Dollars

inbox dollars

This is similar to Swagbucks.  Earn ‘inbox dollars’ every time you use their search engine, take surveys, play games, or complete offers.

Dollars can be cashed in for various rewards like Swagbucks; however, unlike Swagbucks, you can cash in for a check to be mailed to you when you reach certain amounts.
This is a great way to earn extra cash!

Kellogg’s Family Rewards


I usually buy a majority of my food for the kids which means I buy a lot of Kellogg’s products.  Once registered on the Kellogg’s rewards site (insert link), type in codes that can be found printed inside the boxes.  Save up the points for cool rewards!

Often times, each code entered will also enter you in a sweepstakes.  I did and won a $100 gift card to ESPN Fan Shop!!  This was awesome because our wedding anniversary was around the corner, so we ordered stuff from there as our anniversary gifts (we usually don’t buy large, expensive gifts for our wedding anniversary).

kelloggs winnings

These are the major ones I use right now.  I make some big bonuses for my family through these sites alone!

My thought is – if you’re going to do something, or buy something, why not make it even more beneficial to you??

I’ll put up part 2 next week.  I didn’t want to overwhelm any one with the entire list at once!  Find Part 2 here.

Are there any other ways you earn some extra bonuses for your family?  Please, share with us!

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7 thoughts on “How I Earn Extra Income Part 1”

  1. I see that you mentioned InboxDollars. I just heard about it a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t tried it yet. Do you see much return on it? I am worried that it is going to be “one of those” programs that just gathers information and sells it.

    1. While it is one of the sites I use, it’s not my primary site (Swagbucks is my primary site) because it does take some time to make the money. You can opt to have a check sent to you instead of a gift card, but a check can only be sent when $30 is reached; however, it is my mom’s primary site because she reaches the $30 every couple of weeks. I guess each person is different. Thanks for asking! Good luck with it!

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