A Small Epiphany

Last weekend I had a discussion (some might call it an argument) about the perception of my blog.  I was told that my blog gives this image of perfection, having it together, peace and harmony in the home.  That baffled me because that is far from the reality I live day to day.

My defending argument was that my intentions were not to show a perfect home with flawless projects and desirable outcomes, but rather the reality of four children with flawed projects and less than desirable outcomes.

Where do I go wrong?

Since the ‘discussion’ I’ve given thought to my blog goals and how to go about executing those goals.  A lot of ideas were bounced off my husband and this is what we decided to include in the blog:

  • to not show just the finished project/idea/post/food etc., but rather to include the process of making the project/idea/post/food etc.
  • have a ‘lesson learned’ at the completion of each post
  • have a video in a majority of the blog postings
  • be open and honest

A year ago I use to worry about what others thought of me and how I raised my children.  I always had my guard up, and was a walking ball of nerves.  Stressed out 24/7 was an understatement.  My family walked on egg shells when around me, and I was upset by the smallest things that did not go perfectly right the first time.  I was over exhausted, not to mention the effect of no sleep and loads of stress was doing to my chronic pain.

After talking to a therapist for my seasonal depression and learned how to let go of the anxiety of having the ‘perfect home and kids’, I was able to let down that guard and start enjoying my life more.  I was also able to let go of the negative, worried thoughts and stopped worrying what others thought of me.

I no longer focus my energy on how others viewed me, and am focusing on my husband and kids.

What a life saver!

Care givers, especially moms, are their own worst critic, and feel a daily pressure to be the most reliable, best baking, flawlessly perfect poster model mom.  No such person exists. 

No matter what a person displays to the world, that is not their reality.

I like when moms show their imperfections because it makes them more realistic and empathetic.  And that is the goal of my blog:

To show how imperfect and backwards my family is,

and how I manage to make it all work while maintaining a loving home.

P.S.  It took me an entire day to write this short post because of constant interruptions, screaming, fighting, spills, and time outs.  I thought I was going to end up with a bald head at the end of this post!


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