How I Earn Extra Income Part 2

how I earn extra income part 1

Last week I shared how I get bonuses for the family.  These included gift cards, cash, free products, etc.  Read about that post here in case you missed it.

In order to not overwhelm any one, I split my list into two parts.  Here is the second part.

I do not get commission or any type of compensation for posting about these products or when you click on the links.

Disney Movie Rewards


With kids it is difficult to not buy Disney movies.  You know this already.  But did you also know that there are codes in certain Disney movies that get you points?

Just look for the red star on the movie case which indicates that a code is in the case.  We are saving our points for our upcoming Disney trip in the spring.  Rewards range from merchandise to digital rewards and theme park rewards.

MyCoke Rewards


We are Coca-Cola fans in this house!

Inside each cap or each box of coke products there is a printed code to enter online.  Different sizes get you different coke reward amounts.

Rewards can be used for gift cards, merchandise, or sweepstake entries. I use mine for Shutterfly photo books for my yearly family photo books.

Fresh Step Paw Points

fresh step

I recently changed to Fresh Step cat litter and found that it wasn’t only more odor friendly, but it also gave points for each box you purchased!
How great is that?!

So far I have received a few hundred points and I’m saving them to cash in for some free litter.  I love free!  Fresh Step cat litter now has a new loyal customer because of this genius idea!



Even though I’m close to being done with diapers (I’m potty training my youngest one right now), I still use my Huggies codes to get some free Huggies diapers!

Do you have any other ways you earn bonus stuff for your family?  Please, share with us!


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