Popsicle Fiasco and Other Loud Noises

I HATE loud noises such as outbursts, screaming, or loud, unnecessary crying/whining.  Anyone that knows me can you tell you that.  And when I make the statement, “I cannot stand screaming/crying/whining; I do not have the patience or ears for it” I usually get a baffled look from the other person.  The confusion is usually,

“How can you hate those noises when you have four kids?”

Easy.  I just do.

I love my kids, and I know that outbursts, screams, and loud unnecessary crying/whining come with the territory, but that does not mean I have to like it.  Or allow it.

Screaming or loud noises after 7 pm is especially not tolerated.  That is the time for the house to start calming down before bed time at 8:30 pm.

I think it’s ridiculous when parents/caregivers allow their children to scream or cry in such a fashion that it becomes ear piercing.  Or when the child is screaming and the parents/caregivers do nothing about it.  So aggravating!!

Another reason I hate those noises is that it hurts my ears.  Physically causes pain in my ear.  No, thank you!

There have been times that the screaming and/or crying have been so aggravating that all I could do was laugh.  Laughing while thinking, “How did it get to this point?!”  Case in point:  Abby and the popsicle.

My sister and her son were visiting us last summer and we took the kids swimming in the river at the bottom of the mountain we lived on.  It was extremely hot, so we gave the kids popsicles when we got home.  The older kids went outside with their treats, but Abby did this instead:

Apparently, Abby did not want a green popsicle, but wanted the blue one instead.  We did not know that until it was revealed on film.

My solution for the continuous screaming/crying/whining that may or may not be accompanied by a tantrum – ignore by placing them away from you (but still can see you) until they calm down.  If it’s not continuous crying and it’s just outburst or screams, I give a warning.  Then if the warning goes unheeded, I place them in quiet time for fifteen to twenty minutes after letting them know they are in quiet time for their loud noises when indoors.

I’ve been doing it for a few weeks and the screaming/outbursts/loud unnecessary crying has been drastically reduced.  Much nicer in the house.

What is one of your pet peeves that your child(ren) does/do?


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