Homemade Play Dough

Over at Paging Fun Mums there are LOTS of fun activities for kids of all ages.  I just started following Louise and Jenni this week, and I’ve already tried two activities (play dough and putty) with great results!  The kids had lots of fun with no fighting for over two hours!!  

Their ‘Soft as Cloud’ no cook play dough was suiting for this imperfect mom of four!

Seriously, that was the most fun they have had for that extended period of time in awhile!  I cannot wait to see try some of the other many activities that have!

Best ‘pro’ by far is the clean up!  The dough was not sticky and was easy to sweep up, and took less than three minutes!

*I know I said I would start including videos of me making the stuff (because I always screw it up and it’s funny to watch me try),  but this post was created before changing that direction.  HOWEVER, the next time I make this play dough, I will include a video!

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