My 5 & 5 addiction series – Day 2

My 5 & 5 addiction series

Monday I shared that I have five addictions – some healthy, some not.  I’m not ashamed of any of them, and, in fact, I’d like to share them with you!

Join me this week as I reveal the five big addicting categories and the top five loves within those categories.  I’ll call it my ‘My Five 5’s’.

Read my first addiction here.

And don’t forget to check out additional links at the bottom of all the series’ posts!

Here’s my second addiction –

Reality TV shows

I know that may sound surprising that I even find time to watch TV much less the time to watch/keep up with reality shows of any kind.  I do love them though!!  So does my fellow blogger, Kallie at Mommykakes, which I will introduce in a moment!

My husband usually works on the computer while I watch my shows, but every time without fail he asks, “Why do you watch this crap?!  It’s so terrible!”  And he’s right – it is crap and it is terrible, but that makes me love and watch it even more!

**disclaimer: I do not watch my reality shows while my kids are awake.  While they may be entertaining to me, they are not appropriate for such a young age – in my opinion.  To each their own.**

But to answer his question:

top 5 reality shows of 2014

I watch reality TV because:

  • I like watching how other people live their daily lives.  I’m alone a majority of the week, so it’s a way for me to ‘be social’.  Ridiculous?  I know.
  • In a way, I’m living vicariously through some of the shows.  For example, my number one TV show (listed below) is how I sometimes wish my life was like – before I had kids that is.
  • I love watching drama in other people’s lives – but do not like drama in my own life.  My dad and I use to people watch in         Wal-Mart and loved watching any drama that unfolded.  I’m such a weirdo, and really do need other more fulfilling hobbies!
  • Like social media, it’s important for me to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip and news.

My top five reality shows of 2014 (starting with my favorite):

  1. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills – It’s about a group of rich kids living their lavish lifestyle.  This is one of the shows in which I live vicariously through the show.  Also, I love, love Morgan! And I think her and her boyfriend, Brendan, are so cute together, and also believe they are much more down to earth than they portray on television. (clip of the show below)
  2. The Wendy Williams Show – I’m not sure this is considered to be reality television, but it’s reality, so I count it.  I love the Hot Topics segment and that is usually the only segment I watch.  Wendy is so classy and tells it like it is, so this is one of the main ways I keep up with celebrities! (I’ve got tickets to see the show in March with my younger sister, mom, and grandmother.  I’m so excited!!)
  3. 90 Day Fiancé – Four men have their international fiances live with them in the US on a K-1 visa and must get married within 90 days or they have to go home.   I honestly don’t know why I like this show.  Oh, yeah – because of Alan and Kirylam.  I believe Mike and Aziza is going to fail along with Russ and Paola, but Alan and Kirylam are authentic.  It’s apparent they are in love and I enjoy watching them!
  4. Opposite Worlds – As stated in my disclaimer, I only watch reality shows after my kids are in bed.  This is the only exception.  Opposite Worlds is a competitive show and isn’t obscene, so I let them watch it.  The show is about two groups competing for a $100,000 prize.  One group lives in the ‘future’ and the other lives in the ‘past’.  Each competition allows the groups to change worlds they live in.  My favorite part?  They encourage tweeting during the live show!!! Did I mention my love of social media?
  5. Sister Wives Vanderpump Rules– I initially had Sister wives listed because this post was listed before I saw my first episode of Vanderpump Rules.  I immediately liked it.  It’s about a very classy woman, Lisa Vanderpump, and her staff at Lisa’s restaurant and lounge, SUR.  It’s packed with drama, fighting, secrets, rumors, the whole lot of why I watch reality TV!!

Having a smartphone fuels this addiction because I will be watching a show while browsing the shows on Twitter and Instagram.  As previously stated in another post, I like to multitask!

Recently I found that I am not the only blogger with this craving for reality TV. Kallie at Mommykakes also has a love for reality TV shows and has a post about it.  Read it here

When you’re done over at Kallie’s blog, explore some of the links below on my favorite shows:

Want to follow the shows, too?  Find them on my Twitter page! *Note: This is my personal Twitter following page.  If you want to follow Being the Imperfect Mom on Twitter and see who I’m following there, click here.

See clips from my shows on my YouTube channel.

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