‘My 5 & 5 Addiction’ Series – Day 4

My 5 & 5 addiction series

Monday I shared that I have five addictions – some healthy, some not.  I’m not ashamed of any of them, and, in fact, I’d like to share them with you!

Join me this week as I reveal the five big addicting categories and the top five loves within those categories.  I’ll call it my ‘My Five 5’s’.

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And don’t forget to check out additional links at the bottom of all the series’ posts!

Here’s my fourth addiction –


One of the healthy habits I do have is researching about a topic of which I know little.  Before I was aware of blogs in 2011 (Gasp!  I know! I swear I wasn’t living under a rock!), I read a lot of information online via newspapers, media websites, etc. on topics that I needed more information.

Then in late 2011 I was researching some information about pregnancy (I was in the third trimester with our youngest, Abby) and I came across a blog.  I can’t recall which blog it was, but I know that I liked seeing who wrote it and the personal feel of it.

When I decided to start my own blog, but didn’t know how to go about it, I did my research and came across some big names that teaches how to start a blog.  It was very useful and set things in motion, and started the reading blogs addiction.

reasons for blogging and the top 5 bloggers

The reason I read blogs is this:

  • Information!!!
  • Different perspectives
  • Like to know how others deal with certain areas of their life (eating, health, homeschooling, etc.)
  • Networking

My top five favorite blogs and their author (in no particular order):

  1. Social Media Examiner, Founder and CEO, Michael Stelzner – This is my number one resource for all things social media.  They allow small, new bloggers such as myself break into the world of social media without getting loss and help us push to the top! Thank you to Mike and his team!
  2. Why Would You Want To Be Normal When You Could Be Paranormal, writer and author, Crystal Smith-Connelly – After living in a haunted house for almost two years, I became very interested in ghosts and all things paranormal.  Crystal is not only my lifelong friend, but also has my favorite paranormal blog. Oh, and she’s also a playwright and author!  Check out her links below!
  3. Andrea Dekker, founder and writer, Andrea Dekker – Andrea Dekker is formerly Simple Organized Living.  Andrea is my number one resource for making my life simpler.  Thanks to finding her blog during one of my bouts of depression, I was able to grasp hold of this whole mommy business and bring my life back into order.  She is a blogger I aspire to become and always turn to her for questions and inspiration when I’m lost. No matter whether I make it big or not, she will always be the root of my blogging. I hope to meet her one day at one of her speaking engagements as well as be one of her guest bloggers.
  4. Mommykakes, founder and writer, Kallie Ybarra – I recently found Kallie’s blog through a mutual blogging group. The one post that grabbed my attention was her post on putting her priorities in order and the weaknesses that get in the way (post link below). I applaud her for being open and honest with that post. The entire time I was reading it I was nodding my head in agreement. I completely related. Each of her posts are relatable and light hearted. She teamed up with me to do a reality show post earlier in the week.
  5. Simple Life Mama, founder and writer, Joanie – Joanie has a lot of great resources on homeschooling.  I am contemplating to homeschool my children again, and she would be point of contact and inspiration to do so.  She has also guided me through the beginning stages of my blog and has introduced me to some great resources! I’m grateful to have met her.

There are many great bloggers in the world, and it’s a shame I don’t have more time to read everyone’s posts each day.  Bloggers, in my opinion, add a touch of goodness and insight in the world, and we are fortunate to have them.

Click here to subscribe to Social Media Examiner and receive daily tips on how to get the most views from each social media platform as well as which platforms are doing better than others!

Here are some videos for Social Media Examiner’s Channel.

Find all of Crystal’s links to her books and work here on my Buddy page.

My favorite segments of Andrea’s site (and these helped when I needed it most):

Kallie’s post that grabbed my attention.

Joanie’s soup that my family absolutely loves!!

Who are your favorite bloggers?

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