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A Small Epiphany

Last weekend I had a discussion (some might call it an argument) about the perception of my blog.  I was told that my blog gives this image of perfection, having it together, peace and harmony in the home.  That baffled me because that is far from the reality I live day to day.

My defending argument was that my intentions were not to show a perfect home with flawless projects and desirable outcomes, but rather the reality of four children with flawed projects and less than desirable outcomes.

Where do I go wrong?

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What makes my blog different?

This is a question I’ve asked myself a lot over the last year of making this decision.  Along with a lot of other questions such as:  What makes my blog so different?  What can I offer to other moms that’s not already out there?  What can I show other moms in a way that will stick and be remembered? The list goes on.Then I figured out what I can offer to others:
I know how to balance all of these crazy demands placed on me,
and how to balance all of it without losing my sanity.