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School Isn’t Just for Kids!

A lot of times stay-at-home parents are stereotyped as ‘having it easy’.  It’s thought that we sit at home watching television and eat fattening food until our little angels come in the door from school.  That’s humorous.

Recently in the last few months, my oldest son said he wish he didn’t have school and could sit at home like me all day; that mommy hasn’t had a lot of school and mommy’s okay.  What?!?

And my oldest daughter has said that she wants to be like me when she gets older – have a husband and kids, and stay at home all day.  Again, What?!?

Wow.  I didn’t know I had it so easy. 

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A Small Epiphany

Last weekend I had a discussion (some might call it an argument) about the perception of my blog.  I was told that my blog gives this image of perfection, having it together, peace and harmony in the home.  That baffled me because that is far from the reality I live day to day.

My defending argument was that my intentions were not to show a perfect home with flawless projects and desirable outcomes, but rather the reality of four children with flawed projects and less than desirable outcomes.

Where do I go wrong?

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Why I Think Schedules are Important

My husband and I have moved approximately fourteen times over the last nine years we have been together.  Some moves have been longer than others, but either way, it has taken its toll on our family; especially the kids.

Some of the ways it affected the kids were:

  • Unrestful sleeping
  • Acting out for attention
  • Not listening to us
  • Whining (LOTS of it!)
  • Arguing with their siblings
  • Not their usual self 

In my opinion, everyone should have a schedule, or at least a routine, especially when there are kids in the picture. 

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What makes my blog different?

This is a question I’ve asked myself a lot over the last year of making this decision.  Along with a lot of other questions such as:  What makes my blog so different?  What can I offer to other moms that’s not already out there?  What can I show other moms in a way that will stick and be remembered? The list goes on.Then I figured out what I can offer to others:
I know how to balance all of these crazy demands placed on me,
and how to balance all of it without losing my sanity.