Disclosure Policy

The mission for my blog, Being the Imperfect Mom, is to help you with the chaos and pain that comes along with being a mom living with chronic pain and having a family.  There is no such person as a ‘perfect mom’, but being imperfect is what makes us so great!

I enjoy blogging and the services I offer, however, there are associated costs to run this blog and to offer you services.  These costs are paid through the commission I receive from the ads in the blog’s sidebar and the affiliate links I use in my posts.  If an affiliate link is being used in a post, I will put a disclaimer at the top and bottom of the post that is associated with the link.

An affiliate link is used on products that I recommend and would use for myself and/or family.  I receive a small monetary compensation through the product link, but that does not mean any extra costs to you.  I will not recommend products that I would not use for myself or family, no matter how much commission I could potentially receive.

Please know that I do not write product reviews just for the money.  My opinions are solely mine and are not influenced by the money I may receive from writing a post or product review.  My readers are what make my blog possible and I will always be honest and upfront with my posts, opinions, product reviews, and in everything I share.

Please know that I am here to answer your questions and would like to hear your concerns.  I am open to all input and constructive criticism.  I can be contacted through my contact form or sending me an email to beingtheimperfectmom@gmail.com.

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