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“Sharing the Blogging Love” Series

In order to ‘take off’ some time to transfer hosting platforms, I decided to launch a series this week, “Sharing the Blogging Love”.

Sharing the Blogging Love Series - Share your posts/giveaways Entries accepted until evening of 2/12/2014

It’s kinda like a link up, but since I don’t know how to do that yet, this is my way to share. These are all the posts fellow bloggers would like to share with you!

If you have any you’d like to add a post or giveaway to the list, please contact me here or send me a message on my Facebook page. Thanks for visiting me!

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Setting Personal Boundaries!

When I was first confronted with the term ‘setting boundaries’, I was not so sure I understood what that person was saying.  I mean, I’m not completely ignorant, so I knew what ‘boundaries’ meant, but what does ‘setting boundaries’ mean?

When I searched ‘setting boundaries term’ there were many, many results.  All of them pointed to the same thing:

Setting boundaries is a positive, healthy necessity in one’s life which will empower and raise confidence in one self.

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