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To Save or Not To Save?

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Talking about finances growing up was considered to be rude and unacceptable.  I knew we had money – my mom owned her own printing company which was very successful and was growing by the day.  We always had our needs covered, and presents during the holidays were in abundance, but it wasn’t a popular topic at family dinner; if you get my understanding.

I also remember receiving money from distant relatives and from Mr. Goodman (family friend that I’ve known from since I can remember) every time he saw us (nearly every day).  My sister and I would instantly spend the money at the closest candy store or vending machine.  Saving it?  What did ‘saving’ mean?  And ‘save’ for what purpose when I could get something right at that instant?

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Services I Offer

When I initially wanted to start a blog, I also wanted to physically help people in their homes.  A lot of times reading about how to do something and actually doing it are two completely different actions.  And when adding children, chores, and other factors in to the mix, it can be quite overwhelming to change what you are doing.

It is by our very nature as humans to oppose and resist change, but I strongly believe that if the current methods aren’t working, things have to change.  Let me help you!

Here are the services I offer:

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