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Don’t forget that your make-up brushes need to be cleaned, too!  It only takes five minutes to clean, so clean them when you’re finished doing your make-up, then leave to air-dry until the next time!
PictureI wash my brushes with Dawn detergent (to cut through the grease build up) under running warm water in a downward angle.  Don’t ‘fan out’ the brushes when washing.  Keep the bristles together to prevent distorted bristles and to keep their shape.I put my brushes in my toothbrush holder (as pictured to the left) to air dry for about 24 hours.Voila!  Almost as good as the day you got them!This extends the life on your brushes, too!

Get your cleaning and laundry done during the week and leave the weekend for the fun stuff!!  And kick off the week with a slow cooker meal on Monday!

Two things I detest about a trash can:

  1. changing the bags so often
  2. the odor

I found a way around both of them:

  1. when replacing the bag, put in several at one time
  2. sprinkle the bottom of the trash can with baking soda (my favorite cleaning product), potpourri, or an air freshner


During the winter months the static can be much more than usual.  Just the other day I got shocked so bad when taking clothes out of the dryer that I not only saw the spark, but I burned the tip of my finger!!  Ouch!I didn’t want to double up the dryer sheets, so I threw in a ball of aluminum foil with each load.The foil helps discharge the positive charges and some other boring science stuff….in other words, it discharges that buildup of static electricity so your finger doesn’t have to!!
Pretty cool, huh?
pinterest mattress cleaning
I wash our sheets once a week, but once a month I lightly spray our mattresses with a half vinegar/half water mixture.  Sometimes I vacuum the mattress once it’s dry and sometimes I don’t.
*note: The manufacturer’s label recommends not spraying the mattress with any liquids of any kind, so please do this at your own discretion/risk.
Pinterest cleaning dusty lamp shade
Due to a lot of dust sensitivities in our family, I am consciously aware of dust that accumulates in the house.  One way I reduce the  dust is cleaning the cloth lamp shades.  Have you noticed how much dust they collect??

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